Friday, July 20, 2012

Sweet Dreams

Image via Costal Living Magazine

It's funny how obsessed you become with soft white bedlinen when you are sleep deprived.
At the moment I am dreaming and wishing for more than two hours sleep in a row.


  1. Congrats on your beautiful baby girl. I love her name. It's one of my favourites. Hope you get a lttle more sleep soon. Will we get to see a pic of her too?Fiona

  2. Hi Bree - I know that feeling - although our 3 girls are now married & have children of their own, one never forgets the deprivation of sleep - looking back though it was all worth it & now we get to babysit our beautiful grandbabies. My sleep deprivation now comes from my own inspiration of French Furnisher Remakes. I am really loving it - enjoy being a Mum - it is the world's best gift! Please feel free to visit me anytime - Thanks for the experience - I'll be back!