Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Island Time

Images via Queensland Tourism & Magnetic Island Accommodation

With the Christmas install rush breathing down my neck, I have to remind myself that it also means just a few more weeks until I can take some R&R. This year we are headed home to what my family affectionately calls "The Island". I grew up in North Queensland and spent many wonderful summers on Magnetic Island. Although its located in the tropics it reminds me more of a Greek Island. With its rocky outcrops and turquoise waters. The thing I love most about the island is the lack of pretenison. Everyone drives around in open top beach buggies called mokes and shoes are optional.

Bring on Christmas!


  1. Mini mokes? I drove one in London, with the children strapped in the back with hot water bottles and rugs.

  2. Sounds awesome Bree! what a wonderful place for r&r enjoy Have a lovely day xx

  3. There's no place quite like Maggie Island is there? Don't forget your sarong, I grew up in Townsville ...

  4. Hi Bree just scrolled down and saw your Magnetic Island post, our family had a holiday home there and for many years we would spend 4 to 6 weeks a year at our island home. (our family have since sold)
    Just reliving some wonderful fun filled teenage year memories, thankyou a lovely way to start my day.
    Don't need to say happy holiday as I know it will be relaxing!