Monday, June 27, 2011

Brocante Brillance

One of the highlights of my European trip was a visit to the Antique markets of L'Isle sur La Sorgue. After Paris this collection of Brocante stalls is the largest in France. I managed to fit a few pieces into my luggage. Thanks to the kindness of a Qantas check-in attendant who overlooked my grossly overweight baggage and let me slip through without paying any excess.

This place was stylist heaven.


  1. Oh Gee.. can you give me the checkin girls name? hahaha.. I'm really 'needing' a trip and seriously considering France.. I'll have to make note of this brocante...

    Have a lovely week.. although perhaps will be difficult to settle back in to Sydney in winter.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. Love the photos, Isle sur la Sorgue is a favourite of mine also.

    Leeann x

  3. So beautiful, those frames are so pretty. Like to have those hang on my walls.
    Never been into France love to visit the place someday and maybe invest some properties their.

  4. I'd need a container to bring everything back! xx

  5. A beautiful blog full of lovely imagery. Thank you for sharing. K x.