Monday, January 3, 2011

The Tower Room

Whilst holidaying with family in Western Australia over Christmas I came across this enchanting house. Located just a stones throw from one of Perth's iconic beaches the tower room must have been built to captor the ocean vistas. I wonder who lives here, maybe Rapunzel?


  1. Beautiful find - Perth has some beautiful homes I love most of the coastal homes!!!

  2. HI Bree!!
    My goodness this house is perfect!!... views of the ocean and a wrap around verandah.. almost everything I want in a house!! Fabulous!!

    Thanks for your new year wishes and all your kind visits and comments over this past year.. I hope this year brings you much joy, happiness and success.. xxx Julie

  3. I love the tower. I've never been to WA. I must make the trek.

    Sandy K

  4. I love these rooms too and cant help being drawn to them. We have a few like that in WA even in single story houses. Fiona