Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Soak Away Your Troubles

Luxury bath manufactor Vicotria & Albert is releasing a new design called Toulouse, based on french double ended bath designs from the 1860's. Until their press release came across my desk this morning I had never head of this supplier. Their website is well worth a visit it contains endless inspiration.

I once lived in a house without a bath and I must attest I only lasted a year. I could not do without my nightly soaking ritual.



  1. Oh I totally agree... a few years back I could of rented a fabulous house.. but it had no bath!!! It had a fabulous back verandah.. but still..

    This bath looks sublime and just what I need after gardening today... Love the white on white too... Have a great day... or soak.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. So simple, yet so beautiful...
    Thank you for sharing it.
    Best regards from Buenos Aires!

  3. They are just as beautiful in real life. I'm about to instal their York bath with a huge chandelier over it. They have a lovely texture too, almost like ceramic but without being too heavy.

  4. oh that looks divine - just what i need this evening! jx

  5. I bought a bath from them last year, it's glorious. And they are very well priced..Rachaelxx