Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bathroom Beauty

This bathroom combines all my favourite design elements in one room.

- great lighting, I use wall sconces in every bathroom design I work on
- beautiful tap wear, leaver handles are my number one choice
- marble floor & bench top
- a freestanding tub
- last but by no means least a stunning duel sink vanity

Sign me up for one of these bathrooms today!

Image via traditional home magazine


  1. Gorgeous bathroom. I'm a marble lover so I definitely appreciate the marble floor and bench top. Sign me up as well!

    Juliette Samuel

  2. One of my favourites too Bree. I love the colour of the bench, the lighting and the symmetry of the room (among other things!).

  3. Agree about the lever handles - I prefer them to a single mixer because they are more sculptural and have found that clients are recently happily nodding in agreement. Easier to use than a cross-handle, too. Lovely bathroom - grey and white endlessly graceful.

  4. I love that vanity. I can't do the lever handles (I'm just hopeless at working them and design has to be practical as well as gorgeous for me to love it), but I just love the colour and the drawers and... oh, it's lovely alright! x