Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cultural Mix

I am not normally a huge fan of heavy Chinese furniture but this image has made me re-think my position. The promotional shot for Catherine Martins Cockatoo wallpaper for Porters Paint is exquisitely styled. Ornate Asian furniture pairs beautiful with the iconic Australian bird print and native flowers.


  1. Hi Bree
    Porter's Paints are just quite brilliant... I can't wait to get my own home and dream up all the possibilities of creating my own space and I'm fairly certain I will be paying a visit to Porter's when I do... Although the decision making process could be a problem.. hehe

    I quite like this furniture,... the dark and moody colours appeal to me.. as does the intricate carving... although probably would have to buy all new furniture to match hehe... Have a great week xx Julie

  2. oooh hi bree so glad I found your blog ! looking forward to following you and your work...