Friday, July 10, 2009

New Zealand Style

A designer friend of mine from New Zealand and I were recently discussing how many beautiful houses there are over there. I love the way New Zealanders decorate their homes, there is something very charming and welcoming about it. The first set of images are of a house I'm obsessed with, I first saw it a year ago and it still catches my imagination now.

first set of images via sothebys
Second set of images via nz house & garden


  1. Great post but then I am a little biased as I am a kiwi after all :-)

    Bon weekend,


  2. It is so cool to discover that New Zeland is producing this quality of design work. I knew the kiwis where fantastic on graphic design but not in interior design - I can wait to discover more beautiful work in your blog.

  3. I enjoy this style too. We are trying to incorporate a really tall lofty roof into our new house as well. These images have provided a great deal of inspiration! I also love small vignettes like those featured in the last two images. To me, that is what truly makes something feel like a home - no matter what shape or size it is.